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Building Moving Services

At Aaron Building Movers, Inc., we provide a wide range of services that have been perfected through three generations of experience. We work with residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings using the highest quality equipment with professional, knowledgeable staff. Serving Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Contact Us today for a consultation on your project.

Ready-to-Move Homes (RTMs)

Ready to move homes provide clients an opportunity to take a leading role in the design of their home, with qualified on-site trades people, construction is completed efficiently while meeting building code requirements. Call us today to discuss the site and move of your new home.


Moving a pre-existing building can provide an economical solution to your business needs. Repurpose your existing building by raising it to accommodate today’s larger machinery.

Existing Buildings

Aaron Building Movers Inc. has extensive experience moving existing homes, cabins and churches. This can provide an economical solution to your needs.


Permits/Utility Companies

Permits are obtained by Aaron Building Movers Inc. ensuring the approval of all necessary government offices.


Cargo and Liability insurance gives our clients peace of mind during all steps of the building moving process.

What’s next?

Site Preparation and Access

Consulting with the client at the site allows for a clear description of any necessary preparation that must be done prior to the arrival of your building. Please refer to our video for additional information.

Preparing the Building

Utilities must be disconnected such as plumbing, heating and electrical. Brick chimneys must be removed. Interior basement walls and debris must be removed.

Moving Your Building

The completion of the following procedures can be anticipated during the moving process. For additional information on your building move and site preparation, please refer to our video below.

  • Building Preparation
  • Site Preparation and Access
  • Foundation


Wood Frame Basement

Wood framed basements must be braced and backfilled prior to the arrival of your building.

Concrete Basement

Concrete basements must be backfilled prior to the arrival of your building.

If you have a building moving project, make sure you give us a call – we have the experience to get the job done.

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